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Are you confused as to your next step?  4 ways I can help!


Clarifying your vision and creating a step-by-step plan to help you realize that vision for your practice, may be where you're at. I help you focus and narrow down your preferred niches to ensure that you are able to attract clients you're passionate about help and your clients are excited to work with you. If taking a deep, introspective, honest view of where your practice is, and where you want it to be, is the focus of your consultation, I can help you select niches in which to excel, create the systems that support those and develop a step-by-step blueprint to ensure your success.

Website & SEO Analysis & Recommendations

Most small businesses, frankly - yes, therapy practices included! - actually consider a website and SEO (what makes you get found on the Internet) a necessary evil. I have many clients who have been totally disillusioned by their web developers and there are a couple of reasons for this: Most web developers just don't "get" the needs of a therapy practice. For us, the process of trust is hugely important and when done correctly, a website can begin this important process with potential clients. Plus, the business costs (business being the key word!) of creating and maintaining a website can be confusing at best: Domain names, hosting, editing costs after the website is created and more. The good news is: Knowledge is power. If this is an area you'd like to concentrate on in our consultations, I can help you navigate the ins and outs of creating and building a website that can make you proud, interview and select potential web and SEO companies, get the best ROI from your website and attract potential clients!


Have you taken a "vow of poverty" when it comes to your therapy practice? That's pretty common in the field of mental health. Typically, therapy attracts a certain kind of personality tending toward a emotional, intuitive approach. But in reality, while 73% of respondents to an APA survey stated that money is their number one source of stress and couples report money problems are their primary source of conflict, money is rarely addressed within the therapy office. Why? Because, as Olivia Mellon refers to therapists, many are "money monks" having taken a "vow of poverty". The overall goal of helping people for most therapists and marketing one's practice seems contradictory and distasteful. If making more money is a primary goal that you'd like to work on in consultation (and it should be!), as a Financial Behavior expert, I'm confident I will help you break through the emotional and psychological barriers keeping you from a six-figure therapy practice.

Marketing Your Private Practice
Specializing in LinkedIn

A single-person private practice can be isolating and marketing viewed as yet another of those "necessary evils". However, platforms such as LinkedIn, a consulting specialty that I offer, can be enormously helpful, particularly if you're super shy! I promise you one thing in terms of marketing: If you are motivated and consistently work a well-constructed marketing plan for one quarter, you'll experience very impressive results. Our goal with a marketing platform is referrals and while this takes consistency and a plan (I'll customize for you!), it can provide you with one of the best returns for your marketing dollars.
Get Started with a Free 30-Minute Consultation
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During this free consultation, we'll have an opportunity to get to know one another. We'll discuss your goals and vision for your practice and see if we're a good match and how I might best be able to help you. My practice is concierge-style in that it's customized to meet your needs in the most expeditious manner and provide you access when you need.  

I'm cognizant of the budgetary demands on a small, single-person private practice (an area of improvement that we can make for your practice!) and offer a four session consultation package that provides you with the best value. While your needs are unique and specific to your practice, I have found that a consistent commitment of three to six months provides the best opportunity for reaching the goals set forth for most private practices. In between sessions, you'll have homework that can help bring you success even quicker. All the exercises that I provide are designed to provide true insight and prompt action.

Change is absolutely inevitable; of that we are sure. What do you want to be different? And how will you know when it is? I encourage change that you'd like to accomplish, help you progress steadily along your path to that change and help you maintain and grow from there!
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