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For a Life of Passion & Purpose

Are you fulfilled and happy with where you're at in life?

Do you struggle with negative
thoughts and fears that limit you?

What type of relationship do you have with yourself? How do you communicate with yourself on a daily basis? Are you kind and gentle, or rather harsh?

The success of your intimate and social relationships depends on the relationship you enjoy with yourself: Defining who you are, what you bring to the relationship, what you want from those whom you invite into your life - it is here that we begin to create our highest and best self and whether we surround ourselves with those who want the best for, and from, us.  

Does it mean that you aren't "worthy" of a relationship until you have reached your best self?  On the contrary, you have the ability with the selection of your intimate partners and social circle to create an amazing environment where you like to feel nurtured and appreciated.  Selection is the first step and it's critical!

Self-actualization, defined as "the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone" is the foundation for all your relationships.  We're all on a journey to our highest and best self and for many this includes meditation and stress reduction strategies and guided imagery in order to gain clarity and focus in your goals.

You have what it takes to reach the goals that you need, whether that requires talents, skills, tenaciousness, patience or energy. There are aspects to your personality and aptitudes that help us identify the areas that makes you, you.

If you have any question as to your magnificence, and your place in this life - if you have any question of your potential, worry no further and take the steps today to begin that journey towards your highest and best self!

Are you struggling to be heard, and understood, by your lover?

There's little that feels more lonely and isolating than feeling like you're not being heard and understood, especially by your lover. You can be surrounded by people and yet feel so alone.

Creating intimacy and understanding the vulnerability that accompanies it, is a process.  You can become a couple, even build a family, and yet feel the pain of isolation and lack of intimacy that you so crave.  Intimacy goes far beyond sex and speaks to your sense of self and sense of worthiness.

I approach my work, to a large extent, in exploring who we are as a partner and why we invite certain people into our lives - particularly the intimate partners we select.  This takes developing insight and awareness into patterns that we uncover and reactions and communication that we engage in when we're with our partners.

Have you invited into your life the partner who cherishes and nourishes you?  We are uncomfortable with these words sometimes, and search for the meaning behind them, so lets take a look:  Cherish is defined as "to protect and care for (someone) lovingly".  All of us are worthy of being protected and cared for.  

We begin our work then, with the selection of your intimate partner to see if the patterns that develop provide insight into what you are truly looking for in a mate and examining in the process, who you are as a partner, who you would like to be and who you want and deserve to have in  your life.  

How I Can Help

Imagine what can be done when applying your creativity to your relationship with yourself and your lover!  

I can help you learn the best strategies in creating your best self.  Together we'll take a discerning look at what makes you unique, including:
  • Achievements you've had in the past
  • Skills or traits others have mentioned
  • Accomplishments and tasks in which you excel
  • Experiences, resources, relationships and connections that you may have that others don't
Next we explore the following in discovering areas ripe for improvement to help to propel you towards your goals:
  • What have you found particularly difficult in moving ahead towards your goals? Can we attribute any of these to aspects of your personality such as procrastination? Perfectionism? Shyness? ADHD? 
  • What would you identify as your most significant weakness?
  • Do you have vulnerabilities that are holding you back?
  • Do you need additional experience, resources, relationships or connections to help you achieve your goals?
We begin aligning your strengths and goals to create a custom strategy designed to make progress quickly and efficiently.  You want to get on with enjoying your relationships, career and social life and my background, expertise and training as a Solutions Focused therapist and coach allows us to do just that! 
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