Those whom we invite into our lives can make, or break, us ...

... my life's work is helping you find those who will nourish and enrich your life with love and passion. The core of my work is in helping you define and reach your highest and best self, as it's here, I feel, that we form the foundation for our relationships with others. We all deserve a home filled with gentleness, love, acceptance and peace.  

My orientation and expertise is Solutions Focused, allowing me to bring clarity and focus to the issues that are causing you distress. I'm a licensed therapist and coach in private practice with clients in the US, Canada and across the globe. I offer you expertise gained over 14,000 client hours since graduating with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1996.

You may find, as many of my clients do, that an Intensive is your best path to quickly moving past barriers that may be keeping you static and progress more quickly towards enhancing your life. Below is a list of my specialty areas:
  • Personal Development
    Reaching your highest and best self is our objective with my Personal Development Coaching Intensives.  We reach deep to explore the areas of self-actualization that need to be addressed.
  • Intimate Relationships
    Establishing the foundation for a long, successful and connected relationship from dating to pre-marital coaching to the beginning years of marriage is our goal with these Intensives.
  • Social Relationships and Shyness
    Loneliness has become an epidemic.  If you are suffering from Social Anxiety or shyness and would like to break free to make new friends and establish lasting relationships, I can help.
  • Money Relationships and Financial Behavior
    A critical piece to your long-term success, both as an individual and as part of a couple, is your relationship with money:  That is, your Financial Behavior and how you feel money should be earned, spent and saved.  When your behavior is not in sync with your needs and goals, feelings of disconnect and loneliness can occur. In this area of specialty, I help you explore the internal messages and scripts that affect your very real day-to-day level of happiness and feelings of financial security. Please visit the link above for more information on my expertise in Financial Behavior and the Intensives I offer for individuals, couples, therapists and financial professionals.
  • Private Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction
    Nearly every relationship can benefit from meditation!  Whether your primary relationship that you're developing is with yourself through Personal Development or an intimate or social relationship, you have needs that must be met and strategies to be developed that help you meet those needs and goals.  Mindfulness meditation helps you obtain clarity and focus.
  • Meditation Teacher Training
    If you are interested in learning establishing your own Meditation practice and exacting true change in your clients lives, please visit the link above to learn more.
  • Private Practice Strategy Coaching
    If you're a healing professional, I offer Intensives designed to help you create and grow a six figure private practice.
When selecting me as your therapist, coach or consultant, you can be assured of exemplary care, compassion, and empathy. Together, we'll attend to your short and long-term goals in creating a customized treatment plan, allowing us to move ahead with purpose. I'm respectful of the fact that the work you're undertaking demands a fair amount of time, energy, funds and consistency and for that reason, I don't waste your time, or mine, in helping you attain your goals.
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Teresa Lauer, LMHC, Relationship Expert, Solutions Focused Therapist & Coach, Financial Behavior Intensives Expert

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