"As an entrepreneur, I'm not fortunate enough to have corporate trainings, assessments and the like, but it was becoming abundantly clear that I didn't have the people skills - the ability to regulate my emotions, especially when I was under stress to continue getting the best from my team members.  I realized through working with Teresa, that my emotions had a real effect - negative or positive - on them and it was up to me to ensure that those effects remain positive. This was a true revelation for me. Frankly, in looking back, I think a lot of people simply "put up" with my moods because I was able to help them. When in fact, that wasn't a burden that I should have placed on them in the first place. T,D,, Mountain View, CA (Entrepreneur, Business Owner)
"I'm a real estate broker with my own office and six full time, three part-time employees, I'm mainly concerned with my clients and haven't really been invested in my employees, leaving management of them to my Office Manager. I found that that was becoming an issue as I began getting a rash of people leaving and rumors of real unhappiness. In my work with Teresa and assessments she provided, I learned why I hadn't give this part of my business the attention it deserved and she developed a strategy for me to begin working towards the office I wanted. It's been enormously successful in the relationships I've been able to create and nourish. I've got a different perspective for my employees and clients alike. J.I. Sacramento, CA (RE Broker)
"I didn't realize the emotional implications that my client was facing after the loss of her husband (someone with whom I had worked for years) that affected how she viewed our work together.  In working with Teresa, I learned how to listen, and hear, what my clients needed from me. It was very eye opening andI consult on a regular basis to talk over individual client cases." - S.W., Summerlin, NV (Wealth Advisor)
"Learning about my Financial Behavior, and really the complexities of it, was so eye opening. As I started looking at the "money scripts" I had learned growing up, I realized what a profound effect they had on my choice of career, my (seemingly constant) money issues and even my relationships. I schedule Intensive "tune-ups" with Teresa on a regular basis; my financial health is that important to me."
R.W., San Jose, CA
"I was living my life as if I were still single: Spending "my" money as I had before my marriage and not taking into consideration my wife's feelings or need for information, and I learned, security in terms of our finances. Looking into my "money scripts" helped me recognize that this was the way my parents had acted. I didn't want to replicate that with my wife; the awareness that I was headed down that road saved my marriage." S.J., Nashville, TN
At some point in my Intensive it occurred to me how much I didn't know! I had never really looked at, or treated, my practice like a business - it had always been sort of part time for me - referrals were easy to get and it was really more of a secondary income for me - until my divorce. I loved the work I did, just not the work of getting clients! I realized I had to change my money "mindset" as Teresa calls it; my Financial Behavior had to change in order for me to make the income I needed - and deserved. I used the PayPal Credit and had more clients before I even had my first payment for the Intensive."  B.N, San Diego, CA

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